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Electric Bike Rentals

Taking out an electric bike rental in Santa Barbara is one of the top ways to explore our incredibly bike-friendly city.  Most of the electric bikes we carry are pedal-assist as they’re the most requested but we do carry throttle e-bikes as well. We proudly hold the most electric bike rentals Santa Barbara county offers. Our ebike rental fleet consists of four different ebike brands. With hundreds of bikes in our shop our team is ready to accommodate groups of any size.

We carry the following electric bike rentals: Specialized Turbo Comos & Vados, Electra Townie Gos, Rad Power EBikes, Aventon EBikes, & Specialized Turbo Levos and Trek Rail 5 electric mountain bikes as well. The Specialized Como and TownieGo are both pedal-assist ebikes that are great for all day riding around the city while the Rad Power and Aventon ebikes sport a throttle but shorter battery life. The Specialized Turbo Levo and Trek Rail E-bikes are great for ripping up fire roads and coming down intermediate trails in the area.

Bikes come with: Locks, Helmets, map, and baskets if available

No sand riding allowed. If you wish to ride on the sand please visit Cal Coast Adventures to book the beach electric bike tour!

Note: You will be able to choose which bike you would like in checkout

Per Hour $20 $25 NA
24 Hours $75 $85 $105
2 Days $140 $160 $170
3 Days $180 $200 $245
4 Days $215 $235 $295
5-7 Days $245 $275 $345
2 Weeks $325 $355 $495
3 Weeks $375 $405 NA
1 Month $425 $455 NA
2 Months $625 $675 NA
3 Months $795 $875 NA

Electric Bike Rentals

Inventory Available: EBike fleet can accommodate up to groups of 30

Welcome to Santa Barbara's go to electric bike rental fleet! We carry 4 brands of ebikes and 16 different models! If you're not sure which electric bike is best for you. Check out our review of the electric bikes below. Our Santa Barbara bike shop for rentals and tours is open 9-5 7 days a week. See you soon!

Electra Townie Go

ebike rental santa barbara

Sizes: Adult Universal. Mens and Ladies geometry available

Motor: Bosch 250W mid-frame
Battery: 11ah / 400wh / 36 volt
Speed: 20 MPH Pedal Assist
Distance – 20 -100 miles depending on terrain and usage

The Townie Go electric bike is our most popular rental due to the comfort and range of this bike.  It’s one of the most comfortable and easiest to ride ebikes on the market. We carry the Townie Go 5i, Townie Go 7D Rear Drive, and Townie Go Path. For the smoothest and easiest electric bike to ride along the beach we reccommend the Townie Go 5i. If you plan on transporting your ebike around Santa Barbara we recommend the lightest of our ebikes which is the Townie Go 7D Rear Drive. For long-term rentals or long distance rides the Townie Go Path is our favorite.

Rad Power Electric Bikes

These electric bike rental options come from Seattle's reputable Rad Power line of Electric Bikes and are all equipped with the options of pedal-assist or throttle. They all sport a 750W geared hub motor and a 48V battery and all of them except for the rad runner come with a 7-speed shimano drivetrain.

electric fat bike rental santa barbara

Rad Rover Fat Tire

This bike is a tank. Heavy, powerful, and a ton of fun. The wide tires provide great comfort and control as well.

rad city ebike rental santa barbara

Rad City

Compact ebike with cruiser style wheels and handlebars. Perfect for all sizes of riders!

rad electric bike rental

Rad Runner

A single speed no-nonsense easy to ride ebike with nimble handling. Great for new ebike riders!

rad runner electric bike rental

Rad Runner Plus

Smaller wheels and lower to the ground with a small rear bench for smaller riders to jump on!

radwagon ebike rental

Rad Wagon

The family bike. The extended frame and long rear bench can fit two kiddos or be outfitted to lug extra gear.

Rad Trike

Rad Trike

Our 3-Wheeled Electric Bike option for maximum stability.

electric bike with kids seat

Rad Power Bike with Kids Seat

Upgrade your electric bike with a kids seat for only $10 per day! On the second page of checkout you'll notice an option to add a kids seat in the dropdown menu where you'll also select your ebike.

Aventon Electric Bikes

electric bike rental with front suspension

Aventon Level

This electric bike rental has it all. Comfortable urban commuter geometry, comfy seat and front fork for cushion, 5 levels of pedal assist, and a thumb throttle. Oh yea, and did we mention it goes 28 mph. Only suitable for riders that can handle a lot of torque please.

street ebike rentals

Aventon Soltera

If you are an avid cyclist looking to accomplish longer rides in less time this is the ebike rental for you. Aventon's newest member of their e-bike family is the hybrid style Soltera. Part road bike, part mountain bike, part motorcycle. The sleek frame design and flat handlebars make it great for serious rides.

Premium Electric Bike Rentals

Specialized Turbo Como & Vado SL & Kids Levo SL

new turbo como 3.0 igh ebike
ebike rental
Specialized turbo vado
kids ebike rental

Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 IGH

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Motor: Specialized 2.0E, 50Nm turque, 250W
Battery: Specialized U2-530, 530Wh
Speed: 20 MPH - Pedal Assist
Distance: 30 - 70 miles depending on terrain and usage

Specialized Turbo Como

Sizes: Small, Large, XL

Motor: Specialized 1.2 E integrated
Battery: Specialized U1-460 Wh
Speed: 20 MPH - Pedal Assist
Distance: 20 - 60 miles depending on terrain and usage

Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 SL

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL

Motor: Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motor
Battery: Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320Wh
Speed: 28 MPH - Pedal Assist
Distance: 30 - 70 miles depending on terrain and usage

Specialized Kids Turbo Levo SL HT

Sizes: 24 inch Kids (fits 4'1-4'10)

Motor: Specialized 1.2 SL Custom Rx Trail Tuned
Battery: 320wh
Speed: 20 MPH - Pedal Assist
Distance: 30-70 miles depending on terrain and usage.

The Specialized Turbo Como and Vado SL are light and sporty electric bikes ideal for avid riders or ebike veterans. The Turbo Como is the more comfort built city and beachfront bike while the Vado SL is built more as an urban commuter designed for fitness and speed. Both bikes come with the reliability, range, and power that Specialized is known for around the world. We carry in our fleet the Turbo Como 3.0, the Turbo Como 4.0, and the Turbo Vado SL. Some are step-through frames and others are step-over frames. Specific bike frame styles are first come first serve; currently we have sizes Large and Extra Large in the Turbo Vado SL.

Note: You will be able to choose which bike you would like in checkout

Electric Mountain Bike Rentals

Required for Rental: Photo ID, License Plate Number, $3,000 credit card authorization hold.

trek rail 5 e mountain bike

Trek Rail 5 2020

  • Medium & Large Frame Size
  • 52 lbs
  • Bosch set up
  • 250 Watt Motor
  • 500wh battery
  • 20-100 mile range
  • 29'' wheel

Trek made sure to stay true to the natural mountain biking feel when designing this electric mountain bike. The 2020 Trek Rail 5 comes equipped with a Bosch Performance CX motor which is known for its reliability and smooth acceleration. You'll notice that the motor is more than enough to launch you up our Santa Ynez Mountains in less time than you're accustomed to. The massive frame integrated battery helps this bike last for marathon rides in the back country when the new eMTB Lite mode is engaged. This bike is more than just an electric bike; the mountain bike components consist of a reputable RockShox 35 fork, RockShox Deluxe shock, and a formidable SRAM SX/PG drivetrain.

turbo levo sl e mountain bike

Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp 2021

  • Large Frame Size
  • 42 lbs
  • Specialized 1.1 Motor
  • 240 peak wattage
  • 360wh battery
  • 30-70 mile range
  • 29'' wheel

This electric pedal assist mountain bike is the light and nimble brother of the original. This MTB gives you power along side agility for the rider who prioritizes control. The bike sports a similar 240 watt motor but the peak output is smaller providing a more organic mountain biking experience. The ability to swiftly maneuver the bike around is what differentiates it from the original. The turbo levo sl is the perfect electric bike rental for intermediate to advanced trail riding.


Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy 2022

  • S2 (fits 5'2''-5'8'') and S4 (fits 5'8''-6'2'') Frame Size
  • 53 lbs
  • Specialized Turbo Full Power System 2.2 Motor
  • 500wh battery
  • 20-70 mile range
  • 29'' wheel front, 27.5'' wheel back

The new Turbo Levo Alloy combines one of the smoothest, most powerful motors out there with a solid set of components and 150mm of rear suspension. The 500Wh battery can provide up to five hours of trail time, extending the fun and allowing you to go further. The “Mullet” design (27.5’’ wheel in the back, 29’’ wheel in the front) allows for nimble handling without sacrificing traction and stability. A buttery smooth pedal to power transition will have you flying on the ebbs and flows.

2022 Orbea Wild

Orbea Wild FS H30 2022

  • Size XL (fits 6'1-6'5)
  • 56 lbs
  • BOSCH Performance CX Cruise (20mph)
  • 500wh battery
  • 20-40 mile range
  • 29'' wheel

The Orbea Wild is similar to the Trek Rail in it's stable ride quality- The e-Bike That Won The E-Enduro World Series for 2022 and the newest electric mountain bike to our rental fleet.

Note: If you wish to rent more than one E-Mountain Bike you must add the second one after you press continue. On the second page of the booking process there will be an "add to booking" button in the top left corner. Click on that button to add the second bike.


Renting an electric bike makes any part of Santa Barbara accessible and easy to explore.  If you’d like us to show you the sites electric bike tours are available as well! Enjoy the ability to see everything in one day with the ease and speed of an electric bike! This is by far the most fun way to see Santa Barbara!

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